Based on years of experience and technological capabilities, Hyosung offers a vast range of motors from low to high voltage and is equipped with a 20,000kW automated production line with a capacity to manufacture over 40,000 motors each month.
With the capacity to produce a 20,000kW motor and automatic production lines, Hyosung produces more than 40,000 motors per month and supplies them to domestic and overseas customers who recognize outstanding quality. We will provide advanced products which are more compact and more efficient.

Low Voltage Motors

With strict quality control and custom designs, Hyosung's low voltage motors have gained the trust of our worldwide customers. more

High Voltage Motors

Hyosung has supplied motors for power stations since 1978 and has developed super high voltage insulation systems of the 13,800V class for atomic power plants, proving its excellent reliability. more

DC motor

Hyosung's DC motor is very strong mechanically and generally used as a driving motor of a variable-speed continuous process, which requires high speed variability and precision. more

Special Motors

With the capability to manufacture all types of motors, ranging from general industrial motors to special motors, Hyosung is able to deliver optimum motors suitable for any place and any purpose. more

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  • Global Maketing Team
  • so yeun lee
  • TEL: 82-2-707-6317
  • FAX: 82-2-707-6447 

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