Hyosung provides comprehensive solutions for ropeways via consulting, design, construction, maintenance, quality management, and operation support with its accumulated know-how and experts.
Ropeways are an an ideal way of transportation, which can carry the elderly and disabled, as well as busy tourists over beautiful mountains and scenes, just as healthy people and professionals enjoy them, while safely and economically protecting the environment.


As the only ropeway manufacturer with its own technology, Hyosung provides high-quality ropeways at reasonable prices. more

Ski Lift

With its experience of having installed Korea's first ski lift, Hyosung designs ropeways to fit the geography and provides prompt technical assistance. more


The gondola moves carriers installed at a certain interval in one direction. Hyosung's closed-type carrier provides excellent driving experiences for the passengers, and is suitable for all seasons, year round. more

Material Ropeway

Suitable for harsh terrain or inaccessible areas for the purposes of transportation of equipment and materials, Hyosung offers the best material ropeway solution. more
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