Financial Services

With superior expertise supported by solid infrastructure and differentiated financing techniques, Hyosung satisfies the financial needs of customers.
The available financial services are leasing, installment financing, project financing, loans for corporate operation and factoring. Our financial professional services, with differentiated and advanced financing expertise and infrastructure, satisfy the financial needs of our customers.

Lease Financing

Leasing is a physical financing service by which a lessor purchases a facility selected by a customer and lends it to a lessee and receives lease charges for it.

Installment Financing

A financing service provider makes a lump-sum payment to a manufacturer or a seller for purchasing goods on behalf of a customer, and the customer must repay the amount on an installment basis during a given period of time.

Project Financing

Project financing refers to the financial practice of offering a loan to a customer on the basis of future cash flow as a repayment source, rather than the surety or credit of customer as in the traditional financing method.

General Corporate Loan

A financial service to loan money necessary to operate a business on the basis of credit or surety, such as marketable securities, real estate, etc., of a business within a certain credit limit.


Factoring is a financial service to loan money by purchasing the trade receivables or trade bills issued by a company and discounting the amount until the expiry date.

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