Automated Teller Machines

Automated teller machines, which are key products for Hyosung TNS Inc., refer to Cash Dispensers (CD) and Bill Recycling Machines (BRM) that are commonly available in banks, shopping malls or convenience stores. Automated teller machines require high-technology features coupled with high reliability and security and it is a combination  of mechatronics, mechanical design, software and communication technology.
The hardware and software are independently developed by Hyosung TNS Inc. Electronics R&D Center, which is the country’s first mechatronics research lab designed for banking machines, in addition to the key modules for these machines

Market Position

Hyosung TNS Inc. banking machines boast the highest market share in Korea; they are exported to over 20 countries around the world, including the U.S., Australia and countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia, with the 4th largest world market share and 3rd largest the U.S. market share in terms of annual shipment.


For domestic distribution

환류식 현금입출금기
Recycling ATM
a Korean-market ATM that dispenses the deposited bills from customers for withdrawal.
Cash Dispenser (CD)
an automatic cash and check dispenser machine that easily supports large amounts of cash and multiple bill types.

For export

a full-function ATM machine that processes large amounts of cash and check deposits.
an automated cash dispenser machine with great dependability and expandability.
Retail CD
a CD machine specialized for retail location purposes that also offers compact size and high performance.

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