The kiosk is a machine that helps users to complete repetitive transactions, such as payments and sales through an easy-to-use automated system.
With its extensive experience and technology in automated machines, Hyosung TNS Inc. is producing various kiosks for banks and other companies, serving their needs with specific products. Hyosung TNS Inc. makes kiosks for areas that require high dependability and trust, such as cash transactions and payments.

Market Position

Hyosung TNS Inc. currently supplies utility bill payment kiosks and other automated machines to banks, as well as kiosks for non-banking areas such as gift certificate dispensing machines.
Hyosung TNS Inc. is also developing a line of robot kiosks and is leading high-tech kiosk solutions.


Utility Bill Payment Kiosk
a one-stop service machine that processes utility payments, provides passbook balance and transaction detail printing all at once, this machine greatly reduces the daily workload of banks.
상품권발매 및 판촉 KIOSK
Gift Certificate Dispensing & Advertising Kiosk
a multifunctional kiosk that supports such functions as sales/distribution of gift certificates, viewing/accumulation of membership points, giveaways in shopping malls and other stores.
Branch Cash Manager
a machine that processes deposits/withdrawals in bundles of 100 bills to reduce the workload and cut down on teller errors when balancing the vault, thereby increasing efficiency.

Chief representatives

  • Business Planning Team
  • Han sul
  • TEL: 82-2-6181-2034
  • FAX: 82-2-6181-2112 

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