Automated Teller Machines

With the vision to be a World Class Total Financial Solutions Provider and as a faithful partner with our customers, Hyosung TNS Inc. provides various financial solutions and services. For example, Hyosung boasts automatic financial systems, financial software, IT and outsourcing services.
Hyosung TNS Inc. has developed various finance-related solutions, such as the Compact PBPR, ATM, BP, and Mini CD to contribute to the development of the financial industry, and exerts every effort to developing unparalleled technology in the financial automation mechatronics area by focusing on R&D of total solutions related to financial transactions.
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Automated Teller Machines

With state of the art manufacturing facilities capable of providing over 80,000 ATM units a year, Hyosung TNS Inc. stands ready to provide its broad array self-service products to all its global clients.


The kiosk is a machine that helps users to complete repetitive transactions, such as payments and sales through an automated system. With its extensive experience and innovative technology in automated machines, Hyosung TNS Inc. is producing a wide variety of kiosks for banks and other companies.

Banking Terminal Systems

Banking terminal systems refer to automated banking devices that increase the bank’s overall efficiency and safety. On the basis of its long experience in creating technologies that support banking operations, Hyosung TNS Inc. provides various banking terminal systems and solutions for specialized customers.

Financial Support Software

Hyosung TNS Inc. provides differentiated solutions on the basis of advanced technology and system establishment expertise to improve the productivity and business efficiency of customers.

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