Financial Solution

Hyosung creates new business value through various service businesses and a financial environment which is safe and convenient.
Hyosung TNS Inc. develops and provides diverse business models to improve the business efficiency of customers on the basis of expertise and technology on public, financial, manufacturing and service information systems, which have been accumulating for more than two decades.

ATM Total Outsourcing

Hyosung TNS Inc. provides effective services on the basis of the one-stop service procedure, ranging from R&D, production, sales, management to cash transportation and maintenance, regarding financial automation systems.

Cash Dispenser Value-Added Network (CD VAN) Services

‘My Cash Zone’ is a kiosk service provided at convenience stores, large shopping malls, train/subway stations and various public places. Accessible 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year, it offers such services as cash withdrawals, transfers as well as cash advances.

SmileEDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

SmileEDI can issue and deliver via on-line the tax invoices, agreement documents, transaction statements, order sheets, cash receipt vouchers, etc., in a standard format to save time and costs.

Electronic Finance Center

The Electronic Financial Center is an efficient and convenient total financial management service developed by cooperation between Hyosung TNS Inc. and financial institutions in korea. With the simple operation of programs, you can use various services online, such as regular withdrawal/deposit transfers to multiple accounts. With our Electronic Financial Center, you can greatly contribute to the efficient management and improvement of management frameworks by improving receipt ratio and saving labor costs and man hours.

Chief representatives

  • Business Planning Team
  • Han sul
  • TEL: 82-2-6181-2034
  • FAX: 82-2-6181-2112 

* These are the numbers for those responsible for each of the business areas.

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