Cash Dispenser Value-Added Network (CD VAN) Services

The industry’s largest financial kiosk service provider Hyosung TNS Inc. “My Cash Zone
Based on the technology and expertise gained through years of building public, finance, manufacturing and service information systems for over 20 years in Korea and around the world, Hyosung TNS Inc. develops various business models that will enhance the overall work efficiency of customer businesses.


The industry’s most extensive value-added network (VAN) in Korea
Over 7,500 CD/ATM units, as of March 2011 (#1 in the industry)
Financial services available every time and everywhere
24/7 service from convenience stores, malls, train stations
Safe and reliable
Complete service package, with manufacturing, installation, repairs and cash transport directly managed in house
Various convenient services for customers at My Cash Zone
Deposits, withdrawals, loans, utility bill payments, ticket purchase/issue, charging cards and various other services

Product Services

Advertising Services

  • Upper banner ads
  • Interactive video ads
  • Lower poster ads
  • Booth ads

Financial and Additional Services

Financial Services
  • Deposit/withdrawal, checking account balances
  • Card loans, insurance-backed loans
  • Check credit information
  • Pay utility and administrative fees
Additional Services
  • Recharging T-money
  • Make purchases with Thiat points
  • Buy tickets
    (at CGV, Caribbean Bay, Everland)

Product Line-up

Device name: VAN CD
Key Functions
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Additional Services
Major Installation Locations:Convenience Stores
Device name: MX2800
Key Functions
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Additional Services
Major Installation Locations:Subway Stations
Device name: C-ATM
Key Functions
  • Cash Deposits/Withdrawals
  • Additional Services
Major Installation Locations:Large Supermarkets

Major Areas of Business

Total solution from CD/ATM supply and maintenance through strategic co-branding with financial institutions
My Cash Zone
Deposits/withdrawals, account transfers and other transactions for all financial institutions
24 hours a day, 7 days a weekconveniently from large supermarkets, subway stations,
convenience stores, train stations and other public places
CD/ATM Advertisements
New advertising concept effectively targeting CD/ATM service users and visitors
Cash Logistics/Dispatch Service
Transport, balancing, distribution of cash/checks/gift certificates to high volume cash
circulation locations, such as large discount stores, department stores and highway rest areas

Chief representatives

  • Business Planning Team
  • Han sul
  • TEL: 82-2-6181-2034
  • FAX: 82-2-6181-2112 

* These are the numbers for those responsible for each of the business areas.

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