SmileEDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Electronic Tax Bill Service – ‘SmileEDI’
The Smile EDI Service ( provided by Hyosung TNS Inc. allows companies to more easily manage and send essential documents online, including tax invoices, contracts, transaction statements, purchase orders and sales/inventory systems in a standardized format, thus saving time and money.
Smile EDI is a certified standard technology that allows companies to safely and easily issue tax invoices and send them to the National Tax Service (NTS). Through Smile EDI, customers can now easily issue, view and transmit tax invoices to the NTS electronically from a smartphone.
Additional services provided by Smile EDI include: bulk viewing of business status services, suspension and closure services (Pat. 489426); bulk one-writing accounting services (Excel); sum table and electronic sum files for VAT reports; receipt issues; SMS services; as well as our ASP service which increases overall accounting efficiency through connection with customer’s ERP and other related fundamental transaction systems.


Electronic Tax Invoice
Paper-form tax invoices are digitalized with electronic signature from Digital Authentication Certificate for easy online transmissions, adding efficiency to accounting tasks
Electronic Contract
Paperless contract authenticated via electronic signature from the Digital Authentication Certificate, which are exempted from stamp duty fees. Files attached to the contract can also be saved for easy management and future use
Electronic Purchase Order
Safe, fast and precise online purchase order system that boosts overall work efficiency
Electronic Transaction Statement
A transaction statement that can be written online and can be sent as an attachment to the tax invoice
Sales/Inventory System
A system for viewing and managing specific details of inventory and sales according to such categories as item and price.

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