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Hyosung TNS Inc. aims to become leaders in the electronic finance industry with our total payment service.
The Electronic Finance Center is a complete electronic financial service provided by Hyosung FMS, a subsidiary of Hyosung TNS Inc., based on its extensive experience in financial IT products and electronic financial infrastructure services. The Electronic Finance Center offers a systematic and comprehensive payment infrastructure that customer companies routinely need, including automatic payments, virtual accounts, wired/wireless payments and credit card payments.
Hyosung FMS progresses a step beyond, providing the most ideal environment for corporate fund management. With our services, we are a genuine business partner for all customers.

Major Services

Total Financial Management
Accounts Receivable Management Service
  • A comprehensive service that helps companies manage both regular and continued accounts as well as receivable items  (sales profits, service charges, donations, membership dues) through a simple Internet program, thus enhancing overall work efficiency and easily forecasting funding details.
Receiving Agent Service
  • A service created by joining the various accounting programs in companies using the Value Added Network (VAN) provided by the Electronic Financial Center, which provides a specialized service by sending necessary financial and transaction information to banks as well as through corporate partner programs.
Electronic Billing Service
  • Companies send electronic bills to their customers and customers can view the billing details online to make payments through various Internet-based payment methods
Payment Solutions
Automatic Transfer Service
  • Electronic financial service allowing companies to make pre-authorized and other financial payments – such as dividends, salaries, benefits – to multiple receiving accounts.
Virtual Account Service
  • A receiving account service for companies with multiple customers where individual deposit-only accounts are virtually created and then assigned to each customer, allowing for easier management of deposits and payments.
Mobile Phone Payment Service
  • The payable amount is charged on the mobile phone bill after completing authorization using the customer’s information mobile phone information/social security number.
Landline Phone Payment Service
  • The payable amount is added to the landline phone bill charges using subscription information from the customer’s landline.
Card Payment Service
  • a service where card payments are calculated based on the authorization and credit card information provided by companies.

Chief representatives

  • Business Planning Team
  • Han sul
  • TEL: 82-2-6181-2034
  • FAX: 82-2-6181-2112 

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