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The storage systems that Hyosung Information Systems (HIS) provides are made by Hitachi Data Systems, which is world-renowned for its superior quality in semiconductor and backup systems. We offer high-end storage systems for large enterprises, as well as providing module storage systems for specialized tasks or smaller companies.

HIS Enterprise Storage Solution – ‘VSP’

Enterprise platform optimized for next-generation data centers and cloud computing infrastructure
The only 3D scaling storage platform in the industry, the VSP that features high performance, capacity and flexibility, adapting customer needs to all kinds of storage assets. The VSP offers an ideal virtual storage environment, which can be ‘scaled up’ to add performance by dynamically expanding computing resources. These include resources such as processors, connectors, or ports all within a single product; ‘scaled out’ for flexible node-level expansion; and ‘scaled deep’ for flawless integration with external systems.

HIS Mid-Range Storage Solution – ‘AMS2000’

Reliable storage platform for mid-sized companies
The AMS2000 Series is a module-type storage system, which is perfect for use with smaller companies or specialized tasks. With an SAS-based architecture, these mid-range storage solutions have symmetric active-active controllers that offer integrated hardware-based front-to-back-end I/O load balancing functionality. Theses storage systems will eliminate bottle-necking problems occurring from uneven workloads, so that you can focus on more important tasks.

HIS NAS Storage Solution – ‘H-NAS’ & ‘G-NAS’

NAS storage platform for effective file management
The HIS NAS platforms offer an intelligent file tiering function and expandability of up to 8 nodes and provide up to 30 percent in TCO savings by integrating storage management software and data discovery solutions into a single platform. As the different types and sizes of data keep increasing with the latest mobile office, smartphone and cloud computing trends, the HIS NAS platform is ideal for a variety of environments and customer needs.

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