The business environments that companies now face are extremely diverse and the changes are so fast-paced that they are unpredictable. These conditions call for a variety of solutions in IT infrastructures and Hyosung Information Systems (HIS) provides finer and more different solutions.

We offer a wide range of solutions such as: consolidation, for integrated storage management; tiered storage management, for effective data management based on the importance of data, sequence of tasks and other criteria; virtualization, for virtual spaces that allow companies to centrally manage their own storage resources; cloud computing solutions; archiving solutions, for Enterprise Contents Management (ECM); backup solutions; SAN/ NAS solutions; Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions; as well as Centralized File Management Solutions, for central management of a company’s most important files.

‘HIS Key Solutions’
Cloud Computing Solutions
Tiered Storage Management
Enterprise Contents Management (ECM) and Archiving Solutions
Backup Solutions
SAN Solutions
NAS Solutions
Disaster Recovery Solutions
Centralized File Management Solutions

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  • Kim Yea Jee
  • TEL: 82-2-510-0282

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