The importance of IT infrastructures is increasingly becoming more important in business. As such, Hyosung Information Systems (HIS) provides specialized storage solutions that make up a company’s IT infrastructure, offering a wide range of services optimized for all business needs in terms of price, performance and functionality.
The HIS approach is based on the new Service Oriented Storage Solutions (SOSS) architecture strategies, which offer automated service functions only when the business requires them. Because of this customized service-oriented approach, the SOSS thus allows customers to pay only for those services used for the business unit and IT. This remarkable tailor-made solution embodies a storage architecture that is so flexible and adaptable and it will soon rapidly change the storage market industry.
Services Orlented Storage Solutions
Services Orlented Storage Solutions Architeecture
SES (Storage Economics Strategy)
SES Services involve a thorough analysis of the customer’s environment to determine which storage architecture is most suited to those particular needs, to find potential cost-saving factors and to ultimately translate those into real savings. In order to offer groundbreaking cost-saving storage services to customers, we use proven methodologies and services as well as many innovative new tools. The final result provides customers with the most suitable storage architecture, which also includes a business model for an ideal environment. The SES service follows the 'Discover → Access → Design → Analyze → Report' sequence.
DLM (Data Lifecycle Management)
Similar to tiered storage manage concepts, where data is stored in different tiers based on their overall frequency of use, the DLM is unique in that it can create computing environments that allow data to be actually used as programs that can make use of the data are released . Thus, DLM Services offer a realistic answer to those questions and issues regarding the efficient management of rapidly-increasing volumes of data and cost-saving. The underlying principle of the DLM services by HIS includes: a variety of storage infrastructure services that allow for data to be stored over complete lifecycles; extensive software solutions that can optimize computing resources and data transfer; and finally an integrated hardware, software and service solution framework that can process data lifecycles that include expandable solutions across a multitude of segments and applications.

Consulting Services

The HIS Consulting & Integration (C&I) feature consulting services by leading experts with a wide-range of experience in the IT industry, who thoroughly diagnose and analyze the IT infrastructure through various HDS GSS methodologies, so that customers can cut costs, reduce risks and improve their overall service level.

Infrastructure Strategy Defining Services
Meet business needs and align the infrastructure through a more comprehensive service-oriented approach to transform it into a standardized environment with higher levels of economy and efficiency
Infrastructure Optimization/Upgrading Services
Increase efficiency, eliminate complexities, cut costs and support technical tasks for quick return on investment (ROI)
Operations Support Services
Define Service Level Agreement (SLA) details to attain a better view of the environment and forecast operation costs, to reduce risks and increase overall efficiency.

HIS Major Consulting Areas

Storage Infrastructure
▪ Support in attaining business targets by matching overall IT environment with storage needs
▪ Optimizing storage environment to increase efficiency, lower costs and eliminate risks
Backup and Recovery ▪ Support in boosting data protection capabilities, ease of recovery and availability
▪ Give recommendations by determining the status of backup systems and comparing operation levels against best practices in the industry
EPIA Data Center
Energy Efficiency
▪ Provide framework for overall energy strategy by identifying various specifics related to the data center
▪ Cut IT infrastructure costs and establish strategies for greener IT by suggesting ways to make existing equipment more efficient and to save on data center operation costs
Disaster Recover
(DR) Plans
▪ Support in establishing practical disaster recovery plans for uninterrupted operations of customer’s business
Cloud Computing ▪ Support in establishing cloud strategies that are best suited to a customer’s particular environment
Over 20 years of excellence in Korea’s IT industry
Since being founded in 1985, Hyosung Information Systems has been leading the country’s IT industry for over 20 years, offering you unparalleled expertise and knowledge that is effective and detailed. We provide a range of comprehensive training courses offered by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), from general IT topics to infrastructure and operation, to meet the needs of anyone who is interested in learning about data storage regardless of their prior technical knowledge or expertise
Practical Training at the HIS Data Center
The Hyosung Information Systems (HIS) Data Center has various server and network environments, particularly in addition to the enterprise/modular storage configuration. The center offers hands-on training that lets trainees actually test run a variety of different solutions for each class topic.

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