FACTS & Power Quality

Hyosung's FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System) & Power Quality Solution is a uniquely differentiated system that maximizes voltage stability and transmission efficiency and prevents deterioration of power quality.
The semiconductor switching device that overcomes the limitations of conventional mechanical control devices allows for the reduction of reactive power and ensures enhanced stability against accidents.


Hyosung's FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System) solution supplies leading/lagging reactive power to transmission lines in order to maximize voltage stability and transmission efficiency. more

Power Quality Solution

The Power Quality Solution prevents and minimizes the loss of power quality. It performs various functions such as the power supply solution, harmonics solution, voltage solution, and power quality monitoring. more

System Solution Engineering

Based on 35 years of accumulated T&D technology, Hyosung provides the best engineering solutions in the areas of FACTS & Power Quality, such as power system analysis, design & construction of substations, and customer service. more

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  • Dong Jin Jeon
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