Intelligent Electronic Devices

Hyosung offers various digital meters and relays, each tailored to fit our customers' specific purposes and necessary functions such as power system protection, control and instrumentation, and communication.
The digital meters and relays are the core equipment for power systems. The Pro Series from Hyosung offers customers a complete solution in protection & control of power systems, measurement, and communication. The Pro Series is composed of ProPAC, ProTAC, and ProNET.


ProPAC digital protection relay is designed to protect and control the power system. Hyosung offers a specialized product line-up according to function, which also includes ModBus, a standard communication protocol. more


Hyosung's ProTAC, a digital measuring instrument, supports various industries via its monitoring of power quality and its digital meter, which displays measured harmonics values and zero-phase negative sequence values. more


ProNET series is an epoch-making communication solution that transmits accurate data of a power system via a stable and reliable communication system. more

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