Welding Machines

As the global top welding machine & solution provider, of welding machines, Hyosung offers the best quality machines that fits the exact needs of customers.
Hyosung, on the basis of the expertise and experience that has been accumulating since 1978, supplies various arc welders (e.g., CO2, MIG and TIG welder) and resistance welders (e.g., spot, projection, seam welder), and also provides a turn-key service, ranging from engineering, design and manufacturing, to producing optimum welders that satisfies customer requirements.

Arc Welding Machines

Hyosung's arc welding machines possess the best function to perfectly overcome problems that may occurs during the welding process with its specialized multi-functional utility. more

Spot Welding Machines

Hyosung's spot welding machines is a state-of-the-art product that maximizes productivity and reliability with the inverter control technology as a foundation. more

Special Machines

Hyosung's spot special machines offers a total solution for the manufacturing process of design > production > engineering > service in the automobile fuel tank, manufacturing construction, transformer enclosures, railway and more. more

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  • Strategic Planning Team
  • Dong Jin Jeon
  • TEL: 82-2-707-6626
  • FAX: 82-2-707-6049 

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