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As a specialist in seawater desalination, Hyosung offers systems that are highly optimized for customer needs using sophisticated engineering expertise through reverse osmosis technology.
Since seawater contains a variety of floating matter , which mainly includes ions, and their properties may vary from region by region, it is important to have pretreatment and high pressure pumps (along with energy recovery devices and membrane separation) suitable for the raw water.


HS90 (2MW) 이미지
We filter seawater using a process that combines our technology associated with high pressure pumps and expertise in large scale RO membrane engineering, thus producing freshwater at lower costs. more


HS90 (2MW) 이미지
Our seawater desalination technology is one of the most optimal solutions suited to dealing with water shortage issues. Freshwater produced by means of our technology is supplied to residents of Mooui island and Woo Island in Korea. more


HS90 (2MW) 이미지
Based on various partnerships with regional governments, Hyosung has everything required to turn seawater into freshwater, including technology, project management skills, O&M and financing capability. more

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