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Hyosung has been offering a wide range of high quality pumps used in diverse applications: power plants, petrochemicals, buildings and residences, ships, seawater desalination plant and other facilities.
We always try to make sure that all of our processes from order taking and design to production as well as our comprehensive warranties are run in such a way that customers can have full credibility with them.


HS90 (2MW) 이미지
For years, our overhung pumps have been used in a wide range of industries including petrochemicals and oil refining. We are committed to offering the highest quality products that costs less when operating. more

Between Bearings

HS90 (2MW) 이미지
Our between bearing pumps have the impeller between bearings, featuring a high level of reliability and durability. more


HS90 (2MW) 이미지
Made based on good design and sophisticated manufacturing technologies, vertical pumps feature less noise, less vibration and high efficiency. more


HS90 (2MW) 이미지
These pumps are largely used in water treatment thanks to their overall efficiency levels and low operating costs. In addition, they are also easy to repair and maintain. more


HS90 (2MW) 이미지
Hyosung offers a packaged booster pump for buildings, residences and other places that require high efficiency and pressure. more


HS90 (2MW) 이미지
Hyosung’s marine pumps are supplied to global leading shipbuilders including major manufacturers in Korea for installation on their ships. more

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  • Global Marketing Team
  • Nacho Choi
  • TEL: 82-2-3279-8323

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