ALKEX® is the brand for Hyosung’s p-Aramid fibers.
p-Aramid is a fiber which compound structure with 85 percent amides (-NHCO-) bonded on an aromatic ring in the para positions. They are super fibers with remarkable physical and chemical properties, such as having high tenacity (over 20g/d), high elastic module (over 500g/d), high heat-resistance (decomposition temperature: over 500℃)

ALKEX® Item and Properties
원사 물성표  팝업
직물 물성표 팝업
Staple 물성표 팝업
아라미드 브로슈어 다운로드

Ballistic Protection

ALKEX® ballistic material protects people’s lives from the threats of terrorism, crime, or warfare, all of which are increasing throughout the world.

Fiber Optic

Optical fiber cables are cables made of one or multiple optical fibers. As communication technologies rapidly grow, the demands for optical cables are increasing.

Mechanical Rubber Goods

ALKEX® is used as reinforcement material for car tires, hoses and seatbelts  for cars and belts for general industrial machinery, to improve the products’ performance and life-span.


ALKEX® Staple has high tenacity, high heat-resistant and flame-retardant properties, making it extremely useful for various industrial applications.

Composites & Others

ALKEX® is widely used as a reinforcement material in various composites for applications in sporting equipment, the aircraft industry, car industry and general industries. They are also used in a variety of ropes for marine applications, off-shore and on-shore cables and heat-resistant materials.

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