High Pressure Hose Wire

  • Hyosung produces wires for high pressure hoses. Wire for high pressure hoses is a pressure resistant steel wire to make high pressure hoses. Hyosung's steel wire for high pressure hoses is proud of its outstanding pressure resistance and adhesion to rubber.


Type NT(Normal Tensile) HT(High Tensile)
High Pressure Hose Ф0.30 HT Ф0.23

Typical Physical Properties

Type NT/HT Diameter
Brass Plating
Adhesive force to rubber
Ф 0.30 NT 0.30±0.01 Min240 3.4±1.0 Min 25
Ф 0.30 NT 0.30±0.01 Min240 3.4±1.0 Min 25
  • The above table describes only representative physical properties. The physical properties may be different from those of the actual products supplied.

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